2001 Lexus IS300 – Natural Selection


The story of how this IS300 came into existence may be one that many of us can relate. Charls Monasterio was only 16 yrs old when he purchased his first car, a Honda CRX. The year was 1998, and import drag racing was at the height of its popularity. Charls and his friends quickly immersed themselves into the world of B-Series swaps and quarter-mile passes at Sacramento Raceway. This exciting lifestyle was not without its risks, however, which became painfully apparent one morning as Charls stepped outside his house for an empty driveway. After considering every other possible scenario–did he visit a party the night time before by leaving the car with a friend’s house, or perhaps this became some sort of prank–he faced the cold, hard truth. His car had been stolen. Due to necessity, Charls bought another car–an Integra this time, swapped in a Type R head and went back to the dragstrip. The CRX was never recovered.

As time passed, his tight-knit group of friends slowly grew apart; careers and families took precedence over 60-foot trap and times speeds. Trips to car meets, the ‘strip, and general car-guy stuff became rare occasions and eventually nonexistent. Charls found himself listing his Integra up for sale in hopes which he could find something a bit more reasonable to daily drive. In the case reasonable came by means of a ’01 IS300. The IS300 was a car that Charls admired for some time, an ideal blend of sporty and luxury in his eyes. A clean car was located locally in San Jose, and Charls met the seller halfway in the east Bay Area. The car examineda vehicle is something which is not easily forgotten. With performance low on his list of priorities, Charls managed to concentrate on the appearance of his car. It was not long after purchasing the car that a set of coilovers was ordered. The smooth ride just slightly more aggressive than what the stock valving and spring rates provided sealed the sale, although tein Basics suit you perfectly perfectly–a changeable ride height may have been the key reason for this modification. Keeping with the casual nature of this build, driveability was always considered when making purchases. With that in mind, a pair of wheels slightly wider than stock as well as a Wald lip kit were ordered and installed. The car was complete, a light yet stylish mode of personal transportation that was reliable, easy to drive, and required no more upkeep than some other IS300.

The low stress lifestyle of driving such a car can be a breath of fresh air to some, and Charls was no exception. He was, for the most part, content. He was able to focus much more about his job as a wireless consultant, take more time to take pleasure from his other hobbies and enjoy the Bay Area nightlife. All of that changed when he ran right into a familiar face, Lloyd Morales. Morales was an old friend from Charls’ drag racing days; that they had been in exactly the same car club, and their friendship was quickly rekindled. Morales had also stayed an automobile enthusiast and was still active in the scene, though he had made the transition from racing to showing his car. Charls and Morales fell back into their old groove, spending more time collectively and other car enthusiasts. Through Morales, Charls made new friends, started attending car meets again, and became acquainted withthe vehicle that he had put as well as a focus on simplicity started looking a bit lackluster; the convenience of driving it anywhere became boring and uneventful. Charls began to see his IS300 in a new light, being a blank canvas once again. The first parts to be replaced were the wheels. Although the current set was really a considerable improvement over stock, they lacked the character and individuality that a more aggressive set will bring to the car. Charls decided on a set of 18×9.10 and 5.5 Work Meister S1Rs in a bronze finish, the aggressive sizing did have to have the fenders to get rolled and slightly pulled but, through the help of TNT Autobody, proved to be a straightforward task. To higher suit the wider stance of the car, an order was placed for a full Vertex body kit. When the full bumper replacement kit arrived in Sacramento it was immediately installed. Instead of paint his new bumpers and side skirts to match the car, Charls opted for a full color change. Sunset Bronze Mica from the Toyota Venza was chosen to keep it in the Toyota family, so to speak.

Charls has spent the last several years enjoying his car whenever you can. When it were developed for speed, while you won’t view it on the track or the ‘strip, it is plain to see it brings just as much joy on the owner as. Successfully adapting a passion to suit one’s changing lifestyle is a skill that many attempt and few accomplish. If we stop going out of our way to keep this passion alive, it’s all too simple to forget exactly how much something as simple as enjoying cars could mean to an individual, especially. Luckily for Charls, his friends and perhaps some chance allowed him to reconnect with the side of himself that created such beautiful and unique machines. Charls shared with us that seeing that he has a 2nd car (another IS-this time a 250) he plans on replacing the aging 2JZ; he just hasn’t visit a final decision. He is tossing around the notion of a 2JZ-GTE or even an LS1 swap. Either way, he or she is set on the manual transmission. Perhaps some things never change after all.


A Few Tips To Keep Your Car in Tip Top Shape

Although some people imagine owning one of many shiny new motors, not everyone has the funds to do it as well as pre-owned motors somewhere like Universal City Nissan, the sad reality. The problem is that even though some people can’t afford to switch their trusted old vehicles until they get way beyond their “”best before”” date, neither can they afford to pay large sums on repair bills to keep them plodding along.

When you are the sort of person that would love to call the service book and center your car in whenever you hear an unusual rattle however can’t afford to do so… keep reading. If you continue reading, you will be certainly not alone, you just might find something useful.

The typical age of cars on the American roads… privately operated cars which is… is greater than a decade, as outlined by people and researchers who ask lots of questions from the name of knowing what’s happening on the planet. Yep, there are tons of cars driving by your neighborhoods which were around for over ten years. Whatever the optimists say about things getting better and picking up soon, there’s no sign that it particular statistic will be changing in the near future.


So, the thing is, you’re not the only one driving along in a vehicle which smells of stale burgers, carries a dulled dash from being parked inside the sunshine for far too many summers and smokes more than your Granddad on Christmas Eve when Grandma isn’t looking. So do you know the main tips and tricks to adhere to when it comes to being sure that these trusty old reliable steeds remain trust and reliable?

Lubricate – older people can tell you that their bones creak more as the years advance, and the same thing goes for motor vehicles. Lubrication is needed to make sure that everything runs smoothly. If this light goes on the amount are generally excessively low, though okay, so even older cars have warning lights which flash when oil levels are obtaining low. Don’t wait for the light to remind you to top up your oil levels, instead make the effort to check them regularly.

Dash with no oil pressure and service engine light on
Dash with no oil pressure and service engine light on

Remember too that there are lots of different parts from the motor which all need individual lubrication – the transmission and brake fluid as an example.

Read the Manual – every car includes a manufacturer’s manual or handbook and the chances are that even when your car is old and tired, the manual is still sitting in the glove box looking as good as new. These manuals are supplied for any reason you already know, and are filled with all kinds of useful information. See the manuals and follow their advice, they are written by those who really know anything they are speaking about . . . particularly regarding your specific motor.


Pressures – finding the correct tire pressures is not merely crucial for safety and handling purposes but it can also help your tires to last longer and even enable you to get more miles for your gas. This information is going to be found, yep, you’ve guessed it . . . within the manual.

Now that’s firmly in your head it can’t do any harm to check out http://www.downtownnissan.com and dream just a little. You might be surprised at some of the fabulous motors and deals they have . . . in fact you might find that one could afford to switch your vehicle after all. You should still remember these tips though.

2009 BMW 335i – Yoo Can Do It


We’ve been waiting for something special like this into the future along. In your Euro Flavor section, we’ve featured from slammed VWs to old school Porsches, but we haven’t found a modern day Bimmer to showcase until now…

Darren Yoo’s BMW 335i has been through countless transformations since he picked up the auto in ’08 but this final look makes the boldest statement. We’ll even go to the lengths of saying that this BMW will be the sickest modified current-gen 3-Series in North America! Here’s why:

Under the hood is BMW’s twin-turbo N54 motor. With bolt-ons and software tuning, this 3.-liter is capable of breaking the 400hp mark and beat out its big brother M3. Darren originally went this route but took his car to another level after hooking up with FFTEC who supplied the hardware for a single-turbo conversion. Vishnu Performance System’s tuned Darren’s car to a neck-breaking 597whp, as one of the first 335i’s using this type of conversion.Is Capable Of Doing It

With all the power to take care of supercars, Darren worked on the chassis and body next. And what better way to get more traction along with an aggressive look than a widebody, but not just any widebody. We’re talking about a geniune BMW Motorsport carbon-fiber kit from Germany used on earth Touring Car Championship. It’d be almost like the equivalent of a JGTC widebody with a GT-R. Dope, right?

The new body allowed the sedan to run massive CCW wheels and Toyo R888 tires for max grip, while KW Clubsport coilovers and newer M3 suspension pieces ensured the handling with this 3-Series will be a star around the track.

Darren finished up the project having a Porsche grey paint job, BMW Performance interior, StopTech and rollcage brakes. While it could be mistaken for the show car, you’d be amazed how often this sexy beast gets driven on the regular. It’s Darren’s only car and he tells us the odometer is near 80,000 miles. Using a motorsport-themed exterior, stout chassis and 600hp single-turbocharged motor, do you now get why this daily-driven E90 3-Series is one of the baddest around?

OS Giken Datsun L28 Engine, Sema 2013


With all the current new engine technology these days, fuel injection and making neat and decent horsepower have become a business standard nevertheless the just like within the Hot Rod world, the skill of carburetors and tuning them is a dying art. Thankfully, a long standing Japanese tuning company known more because of its clutches and limited slip differentials still offers a complete engine solution for the ever popular L28 engine found in the Datsun 240Z. Using proprietary parts OS Giken has built an L28 that may be tuned to output serious offer and horsepower plenty of performance having a sound to die for. You better anticipate to crack the wallet wide open though because it’s not a cheap solution.

Every Pinterest Fan Should Look at These Must-Haves

Do you have hundreds of pin on Pinterest representing many, many projects? If so, you might be a fanatic. Stop simply admiring projects that you want to start and do making some pretty things based on the ideas you receive on Pinterest. With these great must-haves, anyone can begin to generate beautiful decorations for your place that will look spectacular and stay the envy of your friends.


One of the best approaches to find project pieces is usually to know the location where the good second-hand stores, thrift stores and garage sales are every weekend. You can get pieces that one could really transform into something breathtaking. With the Nissan Frontier from Nissan Palm Springs, you may get tons of cargo room to enable you to haul some of those one-of-a-kind items home with your, and never have to rent a truck. From dressers to couches, you will always can get your finds home. Read more about the Nissan Frontier at http://metronissanredlands.com.


Another must-have for when you are doing projects on Pinterest is a solid sewing machine. You might want to consider a used one you could buy just for a fraction of newer models if you are simply a beginner. There are lots of options out there for either new or used models that meet every kind of capability. When you have a sewing machine, you can find hundreds of how-to videos on YouTube, meaning that you can be a pro very quickly.

Don’t forget that you need a location to do each of the crafts. Carve out some studio space to work on crafts inside an unused section of the garage or a room that no one every uses at home. There you may set up a craft table, a place to paint items and a place to store all sorts of supplies to make your Pinterest dreams come true.

1991 Nissan S13 240SX – The Style King


How do you envision and make among the coolest-looking Nissan 240SX S13s of all time? Apparently your name must be Rainier Ramolete, live in Las Vegas, and spend a lot of time studying the unique body styling of among the most stylish manufacturers and car builders in the world. Ever since Rainier was actually a child he was obsessive about cars. His parents could not keep him clear of his Hot Wheels, being a kid. Many years later, he took scaled-down models of cars apart to discover what was inside them. As being a teenager, Rainier spent time and effort watching Option videos, and reading JDM Hyper Rev magazines. Rainier was so inspired that he already had his sights set on buying his first car. Making money flipping Go-Peds on eBay, Rainier purchased an S13 240SX hatchback at age 14. That might not stop young Rainier’s passion and love for cars from being fulfilled, even though he couldn’t even drive yet.

Being the JDM nut which he is, it absolutely was not well before he stumbled on an authentic righthand-drive S13 Nissan Silvia that he or she just were required to have. Shortly after this, he realized that he hated being on the right side while driving. At that time, Rainier was friends with another Las Vegas local and Formula D driver Tommy Suell. Tommy had a pristine ’91 Nissan 240SX coupe shell available for sale and accessible to trade chassis for chassis. Rainier jumped on the chance ofThe Style King

Rainier wanted to build a simple drift car that could pass tech at the track, yet still be suitable to operate on the streets. After a few years of various different builds the simple element of it went right out your window. Rainier spent a lot of time admiring and following the unique kinds of his favorite Japanese tuners and race cars. Influenced by some of his favorite companies, such as 326 Power, TRA Kyoto, Ben Sopra, and Ito Style Break, Rainier had a concept of the direction he wanted to go with the auto. Taking the car to Get Nuts Lab in Las Vegas, he had an insane level of tube work done to the vehicle. There he had an over-the-top ‘cage put in the car with more bars and gussets than most Formula D cars. He also had the entire rear section of the car cut out and installed a custom tubular rear skeleton. This skeleton houses and protects the fuel cell with custom external surge tank. Right in front of the car you will find a custom front bash bar mixed with some additional strengthening bars and a set of custom wheeltubs. Not stopping there, Rainier had a custom V-mount setup done for the intercooler and radiator to help in keeping the engine cool and had the whole chassis stitch welded. Although this may seem like a good deal already, these are literally merely the basic core components of fabrication on this insane build.

The outside styling on this game changer is what really sets this car aside from any other 240SX that you will discover here in the usa. With all of the JGTC, and DTM racing he had been watching, Rainier planned to utilize high-end Japanese parts and modify them to make his version of the sickest S13 drift/street car that he or she could imagine. Starting with a realistic BN Sports Type II aero kit from Japan, Rainier cut up the rear bumper and made the wildest diffuser we have ever seen on a 240SX. Utilizing a specific type of 1/8-inch polymer sheet, splitters were made to go underneath the front bumper and side skirts of the BN Sports body kit at the same time. Pushing the boundaries of the typical 240SX build further, a set of custom canards were made for the top bumper, a monster of any custom wing to the back with more custom endplates to give the car a menacing look with lots of downforce. Keeping for the JDM style, a Silvia front end conversion was done in the car using brick style headlights, with DMAX markers and signals. Using the lighting game a step further, Rainier used a set of clear taillights and fabricated his own custom LED light setup for them.

1991 nissan s13 240SX oil cooler 18

1991 nissan s13 240SX craft square mirror 16

1991 nissan s13 240SX sparco steering wheel 05

Fitting some giant wheels was the next challenge. Believing it is advisable to shine than to reflect a typical setup, he bought a set of Work Schwert SC2’s in an 18×10 and 19×11 stagger setup. Completing the set, they were fitted with Achilles ATR Sport tires in 215/35-18 and 245/35-19 sizes. By having an extremely aggressive offset of -17 in the front, DMAX 40mm fenders were installed to counteract the aggressiveness of the wheels. Even still Rainier needed to run -9.5 degrees of camber in the front to fit. This makes the base of the wheel have plenty of poke and flows really well with all the aggressive bumper canards he had made. In order to fit the rear wheels, a set of DMAX 50mm over-fenders were utilized. With a -19 offset in the rear, Rainier was able to achieve the elusive Royal Flush rim tuck status with only -4 degrees of camber. For those of you who only care about function, he has a set of Work XT7’s in less aggressive offsets that he make use of while on the track-that is, as he isn’t breaking your neck driving down the Las Vegas strip. With exterior styling finished, the car was transported to Jon Adams at Hot Property paint shop to get laced with a few jet-black paint.

Underneath these layers of daring creativity is a set of Stance super street coilovers, connected to some custom knuckles for more steering angle while drifting. To keep the rack from over-centering, he had the front crossmember modified to maneuver the rack farther forward. For proper roll center adjustment PBM front LCAs were installed. For maximum adjustment and strength, Ikeya Formula inner tie rods were fitted with Tein outers. Keeping the front suspension solid Rainier also installed a JSFAB front tension rod bracket V-brace. To fix the stock rear suspension issues, you can find a set of PBM solid subframe risers together with Kazama toe and upper control arms. The car is going to be held flat with front and rearThe Design And Style King

Inside, once you make it through the jungle gym of rollbars you can find a pair of JDM Bride seats attached to Bride LowMax rails and a four-point Takata harness. Anticipating is a stripped and flocked dash with a custom gauge panel, using an A’pexi tachometer and a pair of Greddy gauges. Also inside the mix is actually a Sparco steering wheel attached to a 9K Racing quick release and JDM Works Bell hub. Keeping it street, Rainier finished off the interior electronics by using a JVC double-DIN head unit and a collection of Memphis 6-inch components.

Powering this fancy ride may be the JDM SR20DET from the Nissan Silvia. Internally keeping things together is an A’pexi 1.1mm head gasket with ARP head studs, Brian Crower valvesprings, retainers, and Tomei rocker arm stoppers. Externally, you will discover a set of Greddy pulleys plus a Moroso oil pan using a blacktop oil pickup. Rainier also installed a pair of custom power and oil steering coolers using Greddy cores mounted to the front bash bar. Making oil changes easier is a Greddy oil filter relocation kit. Ensuring that cooling is not a problem, Rainier used -16 AN lines hooked right into a modified Koyo radiator with an A’pexi swirl pot. Feeding the engine is a custom intake setup with a Garrett GT2871R mounted on a Full-Race custom bottom mount external wastegate manifold. This turbo is regulated with a Tial 44mm wastegate. The pressurized air is then cooled through the V-mount setup and into a Greddy intake manifold paired with a Godspeed throttle body. The air is then exhausted through a custom Get Nuts Labs turbo-back exhaust. Fuel is looked after by a custom top-feed rail and RC 1,000cc injectors. Any ignition breakup issues are cleared up by Denso iridium spark plugs and an MSD DIS4 ignition box. Rainier also spent the time to rewire the engine harness, disposing of all of the unnecessary wiring and re-looming it for a fresh look. Once this was complete, the car was taken to Justin at Izumi Racecraft for tuning, where it laid down 400 whp on 110-octane race fuel.

In the end, Rainier has produced one amazing machine. Together with his own personal style, utilizing the characteristics of a number of the top Japanese and Euro tuning companies, one would be hard-pressed to identify a 240SX similar. Watch out Japan, Ray’s car is here.

2001 Honda S2000 – The Pursuit Of Perfection


2001 Honda S2000 – The Pursuit Of Perfection

The Honda S2000 has been a staple in the tuning community for almost 15 years. Originally released in ‘99 as Honda’s drop-top roadster with a steep ticket price, the chassis was not exactly ideal for the standard Joe until about a decade later. Resale values plummeted and enthusiasts were now easily capable to scoop the roadster by using a solid pocket left over for future modifications and the justification in mind that the little two-seater could sometimes be practical. Though, as always, way too much of a good thing can quickly turn into a bad situation. Inside the S2000’s case, it didn’t take long before we started seeing far too many S2s at our local meets, and what used to be the awesome sighting of a tastefully modded S2000 has now transformed into the sight of “just another S2k.”

This present day in age, it’s planning to take much more than slapping with a few JDM parts to make an impact within this scene, and Sheldon Tran of Miami, Florida could not agree more, though now, I’m not saying this can be a bad thing, go ahead and, I love the S2000. Though his Laguna Seca Blue S2000 isn’t featuring anything necessarily innovative, or not even close to the pack-we feel it is in fact a perfect illustration of a thoroughly executed build achieved by patiently combining all the right pieces through the never ending quest for perfection.Pursuit Of Perfection

“The original plan was to complement an aggressive, JDM theme for the car… but I never imagined it would be possible due to financial issues. That obviously didn’t last.” The greater we spoke to Mr, although i originally made a decision to keep it neat and simple. Tran, the more we found out what an indecisive character he truly was. He may also be the first to admit that the essence of patience was something he truly lacked initially. “It took a lot to receive the car where it is now, and I certainly learned a lot of information. After three aftermarket steering wheels, two sets of mirrors, five sets of seats, three aftermarket exhausts, three air intakes, three front bumpers, three wing/trunk combinations and a whopping 19 sets of wheels, the vehicle is finally how I originally envisioned it.”

While it seems the auto will probably experience a few more changes by the time you’re reading this, the exterior currently sits elegantly with the unmistakable coat of BMW’s Laguna Seca Blue accented with a rare Spoon front bumper, J’s rear diffuser and Type 1 GT wing along with a set of custom side diffusers and CraftSqaure carbon side mirrors. Wheel options were obviously a tough option for Sheldon as well as no matter how many sets he went through, he could never find the right fit. As it sits now, a vintage set of 17×9” 22 TE37’s was installed all around conjoining with a set of Megan Track coilovers for meaty functionality. Behind the wheels? Sheldon found that a round of Spoon monoblock coilovers would ultimately be the betterSearch For Perfection

The car obviously isn’t making crazy power, but by all means, has an engine bay worth drooling over, as with most S2000’s with this nature. Following a mild fuse, shave, tuck and battery box relocation, the F20C linked up with a J’s Tsuchinoko intake, ARC spark plug cover, Full Blown Motorsports radiator and a Mishimoto cooling plate. In terms of Spoon components go, a Type F radiator cap, enginethermostat and cap, fan switch, reservoir socks and a simple race battery tie it all together. For breathing constraints, a simple, yet effective Megan Racing header leads to an exotic J’s 70RS exhaust amounting the exhaust tone he had sought after ever since the beginning.

Directing attention to the interior is a custom yellow painted Cusco chromoly rollcage matched to the engine’s valve cover. With the entire package almost complete (or, for the time being) a Recaro Pole Position driver seat sits on some buddy club seat rails along with a Takata harness. After trying out various steering wheels, Sheldon finally settled on a 350mm deep Key! s Racing wheel. For the details: a few custom titanium wheel bolts, an ARC shift knob along with a J’s Racing Waza shift pattern emblem.

Though patience may not be first of all , comes to mind after hearing a narrative like Sheldon’s, we actually applaud him for sticking to his goal of creating what he believes to be an ideal S2000. A modded car is a thing of beauty-sometimes that just doesn’t come together on thesocks and race battery; powdercoated valve cover; Megan Racing headers; Berk test pipe; Mishimoto cooling plate; GP master cylinder shield; Knight Performance coolant overflow tank; battery, EPS and fuse box relocation

Drivetrain Exedy Clutch and light-weightSearch For Perfection

Exterior BMW Laguna Seca Blue paint; Spoon Sports S-Tai front bumper; J’s Racing rear 1600mm and diffuser Type 1 GT wing; GT Motoring wing stands; CraftSquare carbon side mirrors; Mugen hard top; custom side diffusers; OEM AP2 head & taillights

Interior Cusco 6pt Chromoly cage; Key! s Racing 350mm controls; titanium wheel bolts; NRG quick-release & short hub; Recaro Pole Position drivers seat; Buddy Club seat rails; Takata 4pt harness; J’s Racing Waza shift pattern; AP2 center console

Thanks You My father to the supply of tools and always supporting me; my brother Nathan and most of my family; My girlfriend Ava for supporting this expensive passion of mine; Savinski Claude to the paint work, Bob at MadMods; Andres at KAB Customs; Nax Whitmore; John “Ichi” Diep; Rich Nguyen; Lam Le; Daniel Banh; Bi Nguyen; and my crew FortuneMinds!

Home Away From Home


When you live in L . A ., you spend lots of time in your car. It’s almost inevitable. The commute is always longer than you expect, even when you’ve been doing it for years so you think you possess it down to a science. A quick visit to the food market? Sometimes it takes hours. And there are countless other items you have to get done per day too. Obviously, they’re distributed all over town. You always wind up spending more time in your car than you ever imagined you will. So, because it’s going to become your second home, it’s important that you have got a car you adore.


When it’s time to begin looking for that new second home, start by checking out Los Angeles fiat. Perhaps a Fiat isn’t the first car that comes to mind once you start thinking about what you wish, but have a chance and you might just be surprised. Fiats consistently get great safety ratings from international and national publications. The 2011 Fiat was given a five-star European NCAP rating for passenger and driver safety. It’s closest competition, the BMW Mini Cooper, was only awarded four stars. It’s difficult to beat an auto that receives the highest rating available with regards to safety. Who knows what could happen when you’re in the roadways and taking your family’s safety into consideration should always be your most important priority.

Visit your local Fiat dealership’s website, http://www.ocfiat.com, to find out all the cars available in the area. You can learn everything about the dealership, from the staff on the privacy policy of the company. Get acquainted with your community’s dealership before you visit then stop by to test drive a new Fiat car.

2014 Lamborghini Aventador – The New Bullfighter


Imagine a place where modified Ferraris and Porsches are so commonplace the locals hardly bat an eyelid when you drive past. Monaco? Marbella? LA?

No. This really is deepest Bavaria, around the towns of Stetten and Pfaffenhausen where Novitec Rosso and Ruf ply their trade, turning spectacular supercars into automotive haute couture for wealthy enthusiasts.

Today, however, ears familiar with the scream of a flat-plane crank Ferrari V8, or perhaps the wail of a Porsche flat-six prick up as an unfamiliar soundtrack permeates the air.

Resonating with a distinct intake and exhaust, the deeper voiced, more guttural growl of a Lamborghini V12 swivels heads because theto the futuristic visage as the interloper from Sant’ Agata Bolognese passes through their world. So radical is the basic Aventador within both shape and detailing, when compared to daily dose of Ferraris and Porsches, that this might as well be an alien spacecraft.

Casual observers seeing an Aventador initially might never guess an aftermarket tuner fettled the automobile, because the Lamborghini flagship features a wow factor of 11. Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts will undoubtedly recognize the difference, however. Enter Novitec Torado, the latest offshoot of Novitec Rosso – the renowned Ferrari specialist.

The better discerning Ferrari owner hates the idea of seeing an identical car at their exclusive country club, so Novitec Rosso’s boutique customization options make the company a prosperous niche enterprise. And now Novitec Torado aims to deliver a similar service to Lamborghini-owning counterparts.

The brand new Lambo program was the result of numerous requests from Novitec clients and dealers around the world. In the past, Lamborghini and Ferrari owners were different people, Novitec sales manager Dirk Moersdorf explained. However, it’s no more unusual for clients to possess both, as well as a customer with several of our modified Ferraris recently took delivery in theThe Newest Bullfighter

Actually, Novitec founder Wolfgang Hegedorn used to own a Diablo and a Ferrari himself, so there’s a precedent for both these Italian marques inside our company, he explained.

Torado is definitely an unusual Dirk and name explained how it came into being: It is a fantasy name, he said. We sat around brainstorming and created something that sounded Italian and suitable for a tuning company. A lot of our clients guessed it was a combination of Toreador (bullfighter), and Tornado, but that’s a coincidence.


When viewing the first performance options to offer customers, bespoke wheels always make a good impression. So Novitec Torado scored using its three-piece NL1 forged wheels, which feature five double-spokes and a deep offset with the rear. They not only look nice but also allow cool air to reach the factory ceramic brakes.

The typical Aventador tires and wheels happen to be increased one size by Novitec, that has fitted 20×9 front and 21×13 rear wheels shod with 255/30 355 and ZR20/25 ZR21 Pirelli P Zero rubber.

Whilst the wheel centers are available in silver or black, they can even be colour-coded or fitted with carbon fiber rims to matchOwners after a simple suspension upgrade can go for sport springs that drop the ride height 20mm, but full adjustability is accessible with Ohlins coilovers, as fitted to this car, providing a full selection of compression, rebound and height adjustment.

Are extended for visual effect, even though Novitec Torado Aventador looks sensational even though parked thanks to 16 carbon-fiber aero parts that take styling cues from the factory equivalents.

The atmosphere intake scoops in the nose increase the ram air to the radiators, whilst the front spoiler lip, which fits towards the factory bumper, looks like a larger version of the factory one. It produces extra downforce across the front axle required to counterbalance our large, fixed rear wing, Dirk told us. A central strut in between the original bumper and extended spoiler supports it from the extra downforce.

The company also has provided a new front luggage compartment lid with operational air ducts that help to generate negative lift. But if you don’t choose this replacement lid, you can include extended air outlets about the standard one. And unlike the rest of the components, which may be found in carbon fiber only, the top lid may be ordered in fiberglass being painted body color.

The carbon mirror covers would be the only area of the Torado kit added purely for looks. Otherwise, a plethora of parts replace or increase the Aventador’s aggressively angular shape.

2014 lamborghini aventador carbon fiber steering wheelto the engine bay.

You can have either a new engine cover with air ducts. Alternatively, utilize the original cover with extended air outlets. There’s another roof-mounted air scoop to funnel more air to the engine bay.

Most supercars look unfinished without a rear wing, and also the Aventador is undoubtedly no exception. Here you have the choice of either a single or double-plane rear wing, with downforce aided and abetted by a single or double underbody diffuser. Meanwhile air outlets inside the rear bumper are extended for smoother airflow.

V12 tuning

Many tuners put aesthetics before practical issues, or are merely unaware of the technical issues, such as the protocol programmed in to the factory ECU that deploys the factory rear spoiler whenever the vehicle is running below 68mph. This is to make certain adequate engine bay ventilation when the car is in traffic or unable to generate cooling airflow.

Most tuners who add a rear wing disable this function, which can lead to engine overheating in hot climates such as the Middle East, Far East and USA, where a number of these cars live.

The Novitec Torado Cantronic ECU, however, allows the rear wing to get lifted through the factory-designated 20mm for ventilation. This also avoids the ECU showing a fault code. The company even devised a module that locks the spoiler within the raised position when the car is at rest with the engine off. This makes it easier for that dealers to get rid of the rear bumper during installation of the sports exhaust.

We always research why the factory does certain things because of their passive and active cooling systems, and then ensure we enhance rather than remove some of the cooling capacity with this new parts, Dirk explained. This is vital because the extra power we extract from the engine produces more heat.

On that score, Novitec Torado offer four stages of power increase to unlock a lot of the potential of the 6498cc V12 that develops 700hp at 8250rpm and 509 lb-ft at 5500rpm.

We found some big gains by addressing the ECU mapping and reducing back pressure with our free-flowing exhaust, which utilizesis definitely an exhaust-only conversion that relies on the latitude built into the stock ECU to compensate for that lower backpressure of the Novitec exhaust.

Weighing 40 lb less than the factory exhaust, the stainless system has no flap to alter its decibel level for town and country. Its 100-cell metal sports cats reduce back pressure enough to produce a claimed 22hp and 3 lb-ft.

Options to this spec, as well as the other three, are flap regulation, high-temperature heat protection, or using Inconel in place of stainless steel, to get a further saving of 4.4 lb.

Stage 3 adds cat replacement pipes with Novitec’s Tectronic coding to avoid a fault code. This pares a further 4.4 lb and takes power to 728hp at 8200rpm with 523 lb-ft at 5400rpm.

Optimising the fuel and ignition curve of the ECU together with the stage 4 exhaust results in 743hp at 528 and 8100rpm lb-ft at 5400rpm.

This is the preferred conversion for EU countries and Switzerland, where emissions controls are rigorous, just like stage 4. It’stherefore and also, the default conversion for California.

Finally, stage 1 provides the stage 3 exhaust and stage 2 ECU to understand 748hp at 8100rpm and 532.5 lb-ft at 5400rpm. The extra output and weight saving shows exactly how heavy and restrictive the stock exhaust system is.


Even with no full retrim in fine leather and alcantara with an owner’s individual requirements, the cabin of your Novitec Torado Aventador looks more complete thanks to the carbon fiber in the steering wheel, dashboard, center console, armrest, door panels and footboard. The more important side from the conversion becomes apparent once you flip within the red ‘safety’ cover within the start/stop button and fire the V12, however.

The noise of fuel and air combusting sounds even more explosive, and the growl that accompanies the rock steady idle is an octave deeper and much more menacing. The extra power and torque isn’t apparent at normal road speeds, except in terms of the crisper throttle response, thanks to the lower exhaust back pressure and also the more aggressive low-speed ignition curve. However, when the last village disappeared in the rearview mirror, and wide country roads opened up ahead, I used to be finally able to use all the revs in second and third gears and check out the enhanced top-end.As the revs build, more instruments join the orchestra, adding extra layers of combustion, induction and exhaust noise on the soundtrack that reaches a screaming V12 crescendo. The greater incisiveness of the throttle response and the extra horses at the top-end are felt because the rev counter swings past 6000rpm towards the 8500rpm redline.

Without the advantages of the active damping that this Ferrari 458 Italia and McLaren MP4-12C and are blessed with, the stock Aventador has a rather choppy ride by contemporary supercar standards. However, the Novitec/Öhlins suspension can easily be tuned to alleviate that. It was apparent on our test drive that some of the bumps that will normally be uncomfortable within a stock Aventador were being rounded off, despite the larger tires.

The Aventador is a huge sales success for Lamborghini, with a six-month waiting list several years after its introduction. And that success means it’s not unreasonable to see another Aventador cruising your patch. So Novitec Torado has the capacity to fix that problem by providing you the unique sports car you usually wanted.as much as a 48hp increase from software and exhaust mods

Wheels & Tires 20×9 f, 21×13 r Novitec Torado NL1 wheels, 255/30 ZR20 f, 355/25 ZR21 r Pirelli P Zero tires

Exterior 16-piece Novitec Torado carbon-fiber aero kit including front air intake scoops and lip spoiler, front luggage compartment lid, mirror covers, sill covers, side intake scoops, engine cover, roof-mounted scoop, rear wing, diffuser and rear ducts

Interior Carbon fiber steering wheel, dash cover, console, armrest, door panels, footboard, sill plates

Contact novitecgroup.com

2013 Mazda Speed3 – That Hot Hatch!


Though this platform is not really anything relatively new to our community, being behind the wheel of the Speed3 was definitely a first time experience for me personally, and I’ll be the first to admit that the hatch definitely has an unexpected kick! The Two.3L DOHC DISI turbo 4-cyclinder engine produces 263hp along with a whopping 280 lb-ft of torque for a full on exhilarating driving experience. As expected, with this much power on the FWD platform, a bit of torque steer definitely comes into play upon maximum acceleration, yet, by using a quick toggle of the traction control button, the issue is significantly reduced. Whether cruising through the city streets or zipping through traffic about the freeway, the stiff/sporty suspension proved to be over responsive throughout the hairiest conditions of day-to-day travel and nighttime journeys. Aside from the vicious stock power plant as well as the sporty drive of the vehicle, I was actually surprised regarding how much room this sport compact needed to offer. With a fifth door hatch and fold-down rear seatback, the Speed3 can accommodate greater than a hefty load without reaching into the sporty front end of the interior or uncomfortably cramping the cabin. For a more realistic notion of the space the Speed3 is offering, lets just say, I may, or might not have used the vehicle to help move apartments on the weekend. With a reachable MSRP, updated sporty styling along with an endless selection of aftermarket options, the Mazdaspeed3 is over a viable option for anyone trying to dive into the sport compact scene.

That New Car Smell

2013 Mazda Speed3

The Sticker Pricing from MSRP $24,200

Engine 2.3L DISI turbocharged 4-cylinder

Transmission 6-speed manual

The Strength 263hp at 5500rpm; 280 lb-ft at 3000rpm

Layout Front engine, front-wheel-drive

Wheels & Tires 18 alloy wheels with 225/40R18 tires

At the Pump 18/25 mpg (city/highway)

Deep Thoughts If the AWD Speed3 platform were to ever emerge, it’d be game over. Immediately.