2009 BMW 335i – Yoo Can Do It


We’ve been waiting for something special like this into the future along. In your Euro Flavor section, we’ve featured from slammed VWs to old school Porsches, but we haven’t found a modern day Bimmer to showcase until now…

Darren Yoo’s BMW 335i has been through countless transformations since he picked up the auto in ’08 but this final look makes the boldest statement. We’ll even go to the lengths of saying that this BMW will be the sickest modified current-gen 3-Series in North America! Here’s why:

Under the hood is BMW’s twin-turbo N54 motor. With bolt-ons and software tuning, this 3.-liter is capable of breaking the 400hp mark and beat out its big brother M3. Darren originally went this route but took his car to another level after hooking up with FFTEC who supplied the hardware for a single-turbo conversion. Vishnu Performance System’s tuned Darren’s car to a neck-breaking 597whp, as one of the first 335i’s using this type of conversion.Is Capable Of Doing It

With all the power to take care of supercars, Darren worked on the chassis and body next. And what better way to get more traction along with an aggressive look than a widebody, but not just any widebody. We’re talking about a geniune BMW Motorsport carbon-fiber kit from Germany used on earth Touring Car Championship. It’d be almost like the equivalent of a JGTC widebody with a GT-R. Dope, right?

The new body allowed the sedan to run massive CCW wheels and Toyo R888 tires for max grip, while KW Clubsport coilovers and newer M3 suspension pieces ensured the handling with this 3-Series will be a star around the track.

Darren finished up the project having a Porsche grey paint job, BMW Performance interior, StopTech and rollcage brakes. While it could be mistaken for the show car, you’d be amazed how often this sexy beast gets driven on the regular. It’s Darren’s only car and he tells us the odometer is near 80,000 miles. Using a motorsport-themed exterior, stout chassis and 600hp single-turbocharged motor, do you now get why this daily-driven E90 3-Series is one of the baddest around?